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Customised Dolls

Aatman Toys embodies the very essence and developmental needs of early childhood. We manifest the desire of every parent to see their child engaged in healthy and meaningful doll play.

One of our offering is customised dolls where you can choose the skin, hair or eye colour of the doll and even select your own doll patterns that we have. We can specially design and stitch fancy, festive clothes or craft accessories like a fancy bag with the child’s name embroidered on it, hairband or silky hair accessories.

Hair styles can be customised to bring some resemblance to what the parent wants. For instance – we had an order for dolls for two sisters, then the dolls went in twinning clothes. We can also do twinning with clothes for the child and the doll. This can be packed in our exclusive customised gift packing – where the dolls are packed in special boxes, a fancy cloth bag or a basket.

Here we also have two customised family dolls based on the requirements, one was styled in Western clothes and the other doll family was dressed in Traditional clothes.

customised family dolls by aatman toys
Customised dolls in western clothes.
customised traditional dolls by aatman 1
Customised family dolls in traditional Indian clothes.
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