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How to Care for the Doll

Caring for your doll is as important as giving a Waldorf doll to your child to play. Caring for the doll becomes an act of reverence for the child. The adult can make this a ritual where some time is dedicated towards looking after the various toys and playthings present in the house.

Here are a few tips to help you look after the dolls –

  • Spot clean the doll immediately when it gets dirty with a mild soap water and a clean cloth.
  • Avoid washing in cold weather, as it takes longer for sheep wool dolls to dry. If the dolls don’t dry up well, then it can invite new guests like mites.
  • Line dry the dolls and avoid direct sunlight as the dress of the doll can fade. Keep it in a shaded area to dry.
  • Polyfills dolls can be more frequently handwashed than the sheep wool dolls.
  • You can give the dolls a bath, just like you bathe an infant. Very gently.

Happy Caring!

how to care for a handmade doll
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