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A Fairies Delight Large Infant Doll


Fairies Delight – this sweet looking Konica doll has butterflies and flowers on the body. The soft hosier printed body fabric is complimented with a blueish mauve knotted cotton cap. The eyes and the lips have been hand embroidered with care and the features are as open as the child. These dolls are a great companion for every infant and toddler, and for the kindergarteners they are perfect babies in their pretend play. The y can be washed and cared for very easily and our great gifts for newborns, infants and toddlers. These dolls are the first dolls in our age appropriately designed doll collection at Aatman.

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KON-B-015 In stock 14 in . , .


Konica has a rounded, supple body with features so open that it truly brings out the inner soul mood of the divine child who has just arrived. Infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers (up to age 3) are in the process of becoming aware of themselves – their hands, legs – and are waking up to their surroundings.

Konica makes for a perfect playmate for such a child – she is easy to carry around, make her sit on their lap or carry her around wherever they go or put her to sleep with a gentle tap. The knots at either ends of the robe can be chewed by infants while teething.

When you buy a Doll from Aatman you’re not buying plastic that is mass-produced. But you buy a human experience, that starts before the first stitch and last’s a lifetime.

When you choose a doll you like, we help you understand if you have made the right choice for your little one. How will the doll benefit your child, or if another doll may serve the purpose better.

Once you speak with us, we will put all your doubts to ease, don’t hesitate to reach out. With Love, Preeti.

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Additional information

Dimensions 14 in



Covered Hair


14 Inches

Skin Tone





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