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An Extra Large Brown Haired Doll


This sweet looking brown haired doll with fringes in the front is a super adorable dress up doll from our Rimzhim collection. She is 22 inches tall and can bend with ease and sit, her hands are movable and this brings great joy for children specially 4 years and above as their playmates and them have so much to do through the day, and we suppose in the night too.

This doll’s peach skin tone suits her brown hair, and she come with 2 dresses that match her sweetness. She looks stunning in both her yellow and white Indo-western dhoti and top dress and her pretty pink dress with both matching hair accessories. One can also look up our Wardrobe for more dresses, Sew along kits for older children. These dolls have crossed our age bars at Aatman as we have young kindergarten children, young adults and also adults who have loved having her.

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RIM-B-014 In stock 22 in . , , .


Meet Rimzhim and Dhun, as the name suggests, Rimzhim and Dhun’s looks and features are as sweet, soft and pleasant as the rhythmic sound of the rain. They are big-size dolls, 22 inches in height, made in poly filling, and they come in different skin tones and hair colour.

These dress up dolls are super comforting, calming and fun for older children as one can really get engaged in creative and imaginative play. These perfect playmates are also ideal to give a bear hug or cuddle – which is very soothing and therapeutic for both children and adults alike.

When you buy a Doll from Aatman you’re not buying plastic that is mass-produced. But you buy a human experience, that starts before the first stitch and last’s a lifetime.

When you choose a doll you like, we help you understand if you have made the right choice for your little one. How will the doll benefit your child, or if another doll may serve the purpose better.

Once you speak with us, we will put all your doubts to ease, don’t hesitate to reach out. With Love, Preeti.

You can contact us on WhatsApp at 9372513103!  Share the picture / SKU code of the doll you like, and we will get in touch with you!

Additional information

Dimensions 22 in



Open Hair


22 Inches

Skin Tone





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