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Indian Couple Dress Up Doll


This Indian couple dress up doll looks absolutely adorable in their full traditional Indian Clothes. They are from our Noor Noorie collection and are 16 inch Traditional Waldorf Dolls made with sheep wool. Their jet black hair, brown skin, black eyes and their Indian dresses make them the most adorable couple.

Children very comfortably relate to these dolls, and it’s almost like an instant connection for them. Their open features and simplicity help them to take on any role that the child play demands, and also they can complete the doll’s expression with what lies inside them. This is the beauty and hidden power that lies within open featured dolls. The child is able to see his own inner self in them.

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FD-012 1 in stock 16 in . , .


A Doll Family makes a great treasure for every child.

These open featured aesthetically appealing and age appropriate dolls foster imagination and creativity that are vital for a child’s early years.

You can choose the Doll family that you would like from our Doll Families Collection.

They are available as Couple dolls, Sibling dolls, you can have them as a family with 2 big dolls as Mother Father and a smaller size doll as a child or a family with 2 children. You can also choose to have them with different hair colour, skin tone and dresses too. We can also twin them in similar clothes.

When you buy a Doll from Aatman you’re not buying plastic that is mass-produced. But you buy a human experience, that starts before the first stitch and last’s a lifetime.

When you choose a doll you like, we help you understand if you have made the right choice for your little one. How will the doll benefit your child, or if another doll may serve the purpose better.

Once you speak with us, we will put all your doubts to ease, don’t hesitate to reach out. With Love, Preeti.

You can contact us on WhatsApp at 9372513103!  Share the picture / SKU code of the doll you like, and we will get in touch with you!

Additional information

Dimensions 16 in

Female, Male


Open Hair


16 Inches

Skin Tone





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