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Yellow and Natural Big Besty Doll


Yellow and Natural Besty, our Traditional Waldorf Dress Up Doll is a beauty. Her peach skin, dark golden hair which are neatly plaited, her open features and open arms are a real invitation for every child. She can sit independently as her arms and legs are bot movable.

Her body has been shaped with sheep wool that makes her body firm, sturdy, durable and also a bit weighted. She is 12 inches in height and comes with 2 beautifully designed dresses. One yellow layered frock as yellow is her favourite colour and a super comfortable red stripped dungaree pant with a collared top. Both dresses can be changed with great ease by a child.

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BES-B-106 In stock 12 in , . , .


Buddy and Besty can sit independently – without any support – and their hands and legs are easily movable in up – down direction. This increases the possibilities in play and provides an enriching experience for the child. The body is shaped up using handwashed sheep wool making the doll weigh heavier than poly filled dolls, which keeps it in good shape for many years to come.

These dolls support role-playing and can take on different roles like mother, father, brother, sister, friend, doctor, neighbour or being just a child. Invite them for parties, get them ready for work, do all the tasks at home, get ready for sleep, take them for holidays or a wedding and do many more daily chores of everyday living.

This collection at Aatman thus stands true to their title – Friends Forever.

When you buy a Doll from Aatman you’re not buying plastic that is mass-produced. But you buy a human experience, that starts before the first stitch and last’s a lifetime.

When you choose a doll you like, we help you understand if you have made the right choice for your little one. How will the doll benefit your child, or if another doll may serve the purpose better.

Once you speak with us, we will put all your doubts to ease, don’t hesitate to reach out. With Love, Preeti.

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Additional information

Dimensions 12 in



Plaited Hair


12 Inches

Skin Tone





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