I am Preeti, hailing from the beautiful hills of Uttarakhand, coming from a close knit family with my roots in the Dev Bhoomi, my wondrous growing up years in Mumbai and my heart proudly set in my homeland ~ India.

Following my heart, my journey commenced with a course in NGO management which created a path defined by my echoes and ethos eventually brought me to my soul fate of being at the helm of Waldorf Early Childhood Care and Guidance. Being a Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher, I witnessed the play of a young child and realised what dear ‘Freya Jaffke’ a senior Waldorf Teacher truly meant when she said

“A doll is an image of the human being and is therefore the toy most
suited to develop and enliven the self-image in the growing child.”

The child has a beautiful relationship and connection with a DOLL and it’s wonderful to see how a simple looking doll can support the child through PLAY in the growing years in many meaningful ways. From comforting to giving a sense of security to expressing the impressions received from the outside world to it being the extension of the child herself / himself, all of these thoughts lived inside me through my work with children.

Aatman ~ Soulful…an expression of what is within became an offering for the children who hold a special place in my heart. Aatman – A crafter’s dream found its purpose. What embodies the spirit of Aatman is the pure, unadulterated exchange between the giver and receiver. This labour of love – is woven with affection, trust and intent by keeping the child in heart and hands. And these thoughts are manifested into the little hands that receive it in all truthfulness. Hence the bond created between the giver and receiver is eternal.

~ When you gift an Aatman doll, it promises a soul connection ~