Meet our toddler dolls – Knitty Knotty, Chirpy Chubby and Cuddles! They are crafted using sustainable earth friendly material for children of ages 2 to 3 years. The changing needs in this phase of childhood – at both an emotional and physical level – are developmentally suited by the design of this collection. These carry-along and sleep with dolls, are crafted with an inner lining of fabric that makes the doll stay in good shape. It also ensures that the inside filling doesn’t give way easily, making them safe and perfect companions that brings joy to toddlers.

Chirpy Chubby Dolls

As toddlers become more aware of their limbs, our Chirpy Chubby dolls hold significant symbolism to their changes. This collection emulates toddlers with their soft dimpled legs and hands, that are still not fully developed. Toddlers feels extremely comforted when they hold such a doll. Chirpy Chubby provides that extra comfort at bedtime too or when the little one is in a new place. These dolls are the ideal playmate and travel companion for children aged 2 years and above.

Cuddles Dolls

Cuddles, with it’s adorably soft body and features, comes close to mimicking your toddler’s physical characteristics. The rounded body with small stubs showing as hands, along with the doll’s gentle features represents the inner mood that a toddler carries. The colours of the doll have been thoughtfully chosen that nurtures and nourishes the toddler’s senses . This in-depth understanding of a child’s development and needs, is well supported through a thoughtfully crafted doll – making it more than just a toy.

Knitty Knotty Dolls

The simplicity of this doll collection lies in the softly rounded body with lightly suggested arms. This makes it visually appealing and soothing for a toddler. The knitted cotton threads with which the dolls body has been crafted, gives the toddler a rich tactile and sensory experience. It is much needed for this developmental stage in our modern times, when there is sensory overload in their physical enviroment.