Working with your hands is a creative outlet to bring to life your imagination, and when the mind matches the rhythm of the hands, it cannot help but slow down.

Dolls are an extension of a child’s inner being – it brings out into the physical world what lies within – their emotions, their imagination, creativity – through play and imitation. Dolls play a vital role in the early years and are important in the healthy development of the child. It allows the child’s inner world to unfold in a meaningful way.

Make Your Own Doll, also known as MYO dolls, is an opportunity for you to indulge in the joy of pure unadulterated handwork to create something precious for your precious one. It won’t only benefit you but also the one who receives this special doll – which is an expression of your immense love for the child.

Why Make Your Own Doll?

“Doll is an image of the human being for the young child.”
~ Rudolf Steiner in one of his lectures to teachers.

  • Crafting is therapeutic, as it’s more than just an outlet of personal expression. It is an effective relaxation tool, that quietens a racing mind, helps to process our emotions, reduces stress and enhances self-esteem.
  • Contribute towards creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment for your child.
  • Handcrafted dolls become as unique as the child himself.
  • Dolls are ensouled with the intent, love and warmth of the crafter which makes the doll a special in many ways.
  • A wide range of age appropriate doll options to choose from for the crafter.
  • It’s only through handwork that virtues like reverence, goodness, caring and sharing can be sowed.
  • Become part of our ever-growing crafters’ community.
  • A mindful gifting option for young children.
Who can join?

We welcome all parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, teachers, early childhood educators, special educators, daycare professionals and everyone who wishes to gift a little creation to their special angel. All you need to know is basic hand sewing, and we shall guide you through the rest.

What will the kit include?
  • Crafting a traditional Waldorf doll using ‘pure sheep wool’.
  • All materials for crafting the doll – from a needle to threads to the fabric.
  • Free pattern included in the goodness box for making interesting craft items. Zero waste in every sense.
  • Know your materials – A pictorial material list of the doll-making kit and doll templates.

Online / In-person

Tara ~ An expression of the divine connection

A workshop for adults (Beginners) A doll for infants

The mother and the child share a close bond right from the time he is in the mother’s womb. In early years, mother’s love, warmth and touch is assuring to a young child who has just arrived into this world. When he doesn’t see his Mumma around, it leads to separation anxiety. We have all experienced this moment before, where the child is crying inconsolably, only waiting for someone (if mumma dear is not around) to be held closely.

What comforts them during these moments is holding on to something that carries the love and warmth of the person who cares about him.

We welcome you to an experience of crafting and weaving warmth and love for your little one or your grandchild, nephew or student. Together we shall experience the hidden secrets that lie within the TARA Doll.

Duration – 7 hours spread over 3 days

Exchange – 3000/- + Courier

Piloo ~ A healing therapeutic doll

A workshop for adults with basic sewing skills A doll for all ages

A young child is a complete sensory being, learning about his world through all his senses. When his environment offers a sensory rich experience, it acts like mother’s milk that nourishes the child.

Made using locally available Indian materials, our Piloo dolls exudes warmth when you touch her, brings calmness when you hold her, and feels real when you carry her. Her scent works inwardly in many therapeutic ways.

The weighted doll has immense benefits for every child and especially those who have sensory issues as this doll gives a rich sensorial experience that does wonders for their well-being.

Join us to make this special gift for your little one.

Duration: 10 hours spread over 4 days

Exchange – Rs 4300 + courier

To know more call us on 9372513103

Fill up the registration form and complete the formalities. We will add you on a Whatsapp group closer to the date of the workshop.Request you to find a quiet space and ensure our little children are not around while you are stitching the doll.


“I have been contemplating doll-making for a long time, saw a lot of videos on FB and Instagram and just couldn’t get the face of the doll. Then one day I came across Aatman Toys on Insta and Preeti, and she told me about a doll-making workshop of a Waldorf doll. That is what I wanted as well. I just got what I wanted, I am thrilled with what I have learnt at the workshop.”

Rina Chudasama / 63-year old crafter,
Navi Mumbai

“Learning to make or create the Tara doll has been a healing and understanding the process of creation and a new process of life. Right from conception till the time baby gets formed and then born is nothing less than a miracle. Being able to put those emotions of care, empathy, feelings into creating Tara has been a beautiful journey for you. Looking forward to making more dolls with Preeti, creating with my own hands under your help, your wisdom, guidance. Through the journey of making Tara, you also gave us so much knowledge, which made it more interesting to be in the class.”

Shilpa Shenoy / An artist from Pune