Aatman Toys is an eco-conscious initiative of Rainbow Bridge that crafts handmade sustainable toys designed with a deep understanding of child development. Age-appropriate handcrafted dolls and wooden accessories lend unmatched psychological and emotional benefit to the child as they grow. They support the child’s needs and ensure childhood memories for a lifetime. Every product is crafted with warmth and love.


Rainbow Bridge – A Centre for Guidance, is where education is looked at as supoort system for the social, emotional and healthy development of a child. Offering a wide range of ‘Early Child Care Development’ programmes and products, it is spearheaded by Preeti – a parenting coach and trainer.


Aatman Toys is what Preeti- the Founder, likes to call her collection of dolls and toys. She firmly believes that these Toys have a Soul, and their purpose is to Nourish Childhood – making childhood experiences both, meaningful and truthful.

Inspired by the guiding philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, she founded Rainbow Bridge – a Waldorf Early Child Care Centre in Navi Mumbai, India. Apart from that, she wears many hats – a Simplicity Family Life Coach; one of the Founders of Sadhana – the Indian Waldorf Kindergarten Association as well as a Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher Trainer.

Through her years of working with children, Preeti closely observed how a child’s inner world unfolds while playing with toys, particularly dolls. The in-depth understanding of what a doll truly meant for them is what compelled her to create these fabulous minimalistic dolls.

In 2011, the then called, RB dolls were first accessible to her school students. Following which, in 2014 , this art of doll making was shared with teachers through trainings. In 2018, Aatman Toys grew from this impulse, and the dolls were made available not only in India but globally too.

Due to the pandemic, nationwide schools and day-care centres discontinued routine operations. Some staff were then trained and absorbed to carry on the vision of Aatman Toys. Now their love for children continues to be expressed through the crafting of these adorable dolls.


  • Our toys are uniquely handcrafted using natural eco-friendly materials – mostly cotton, silk or wool.
  • Our dolls are intentionally kept simple with minimalistic features yet are aesthetically appealing.
  • They are consciously crafted in different skin tones – just the way we are thus sowing seeds of unity subtly through our crafting.
  • We chose soothing colours for our dolls’ dresses.
  • Our dolls give an opportunity for every child, be it a boy or a girl, to have a playmate that enables meaningful and truthful play.
  • Our dolls / toys provide a sensory rich experience that fosters imagination and creativity.