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about aatman toys

“Aatman Toys” is what Preeti (The Founder) likes to call her collection of Dolls and Toys. She believes that these are Toys with a Soul and their purpose is to Nourish Childhood – making childhood experiences meaningful and truthful.

Being inspired by the guiding philosophy of Rudolf Steiner she founded ‘Rainbow Bridge: A Waldorf Early Child Care Centre’ in Navi Mumbai, India. She is a Simplicity Family Life Coach, one of the Founders of Sadhana – Indian Waldorf Kindergarten Association and also a Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher Trainer. 

During the years of working with children, Preeti has closely observed how a child’s inner world gets an opportunity to unfold while playing with toys; particularly dolls. The in-depth understanding of what a doll truly means for a child is what compelled her to work on creating these simple looking dolls, with a world of meaning hidden in its depths.

Initially it was only the few students of her school who had access to her handmade dolls, but gradually she has been able to spread joy and happiness through her dolls not only in India but also across the globe. So in a way it can be said that the genesis of ‘Aatman Toys’ is from what the children & their parents initially knew as RB Dolls.

Owing to the covid pandemic the nationwide schools and daycare centers had to discontinue routine operations but for the staff of Rainbow Bridge opportunities opened in the form of Aatman Toys. And now their love for children continues to be expressed through the crafting of dolls which now are accessible to young ones across the globe.


To sow seeds of Goodness, Gratitude and Reverence in early years of childhood thus nourishing the environment and enabling every individual to build within them these virtues. 


  1. To handcraft earth-friendly, aesthetically-appealing dolls & in every sense open up opportunities of real, meaningful and truthful play for a child.
  2. To protect, revive and promote a culture of working with our hands and caring for the environment.
  3. To create opportunities for women from humble background to lead a life of respect and dignity through a positive and encouraging work environment.

Aatman Toys – The Essence

  • Every toy is uniquely handcrafted, using natural, earth-friendly materials, mostly cotton, silk or wool.
  • The dolls are intentionally kept simple with minimal features yet aesthetically appealing.
  • Dolls are consciously crafted in different skin tones – just the way we are and in a very subtle way, sowing seeds of oneness through our creation.
  • For the dresses, we chose colours that are soothing and hence appropriate.
  • Our dolls give an opportunity for every child, be it a boy or a girl, to have a playmate that enables meaningful and truthful play.
  • Our dolls / toys provide a sensory rich experience that fosters imagination and creativity.
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