Getting There Dolls

In the formative years for a child, they start to become aware of their environment. Learning to interact with all around them, a companion that becomes part of their role play / pretend play is just what they need. That’s why Aatman Toys brings to you these traditionally handcrafted Waldorf Dolls and Waldorf-inspired Dolls.

These ‘Getting There’ doll collections have been created to support, nourish and nurture the child’s inner world through the look and feel of specially chosen materials that go into each doll. It is through dress up and play that a child’s aesthetics are built.

Crafted to be relatable to that of a child, these dolls come in various skin tones and hair colours. The clothes are created to help in developing the child’s fine motor skills, so they are easy to wear.

Along with fostering imagination and creativity, Aatman Toys also believes in inclusivity and diversity. The Waldorf-inspired dolls are easy to maintain and are perfect for the ages 3 and above.

The traditional Waldorf dolls created from sheep wool make these dolls heavier than the other dolls. This makes it seem more real and relatable to the child, opening up more possibilities for pretend play. With long plaited hair, the hair can be opened and redone, all to engage the child in their dress up play. These easy to care dolls are perfect for 4 to 7 years old.

Noor Noorie Dolls

Aatman’s traditional Waldorf dolls – Noor and Noorie are beautiful dolls handcrafted from handwashed semi processed sheep wool. This gives the doll more weight than our other dolls, making it feel more real for the child. Sheep wool exudes warmth, so playing with the doll makes the child feel cozy. The waist down bendable dolls with open hair and the many dress up options, make them more relatable to the child – opening up a whole new world to enhance the child’s role play. Our Noor and Noorie dolls are appropriate dolls for ages 4 to 7 years old.