Getting There - Waldorf Inspired

“Dolls can be the most wonderful of playmates for a child’s formative years. Aatman’s collection of Waldorf-inspired Dolls are crafted to give an opportunity to provide a soulful experience for your child at a reasonable cost.

These ‘Getting There’ dolls have been crafted mindfully with the material used and the minimal features, all aimed at developing the child’s creative world. These easy to care for dolls help in the child’s fine motor dexterity with the easy to wear clothes.

Bubbles and Bubbly dolls have a well formed body with limbs with open features. Rimzhim and Dhun dolls have been crafted in various skin tones and hair colours to symbolise the inclusivity and diversity that we see in the world.

Both collections have open or fixed hair options suiting the needs of the child. The open features enables the child’s imagination to grow, where they see the dolls happy, sad or grumpy, etc. They are perfect for ages 3 and above.”

Rimzhim Dhun

Aatman Toy’s collection of dress up dolls have been mindfully crafted to be the perfect playmate for a child’s formative and growing years. With a well formed body and limbs along with open features, the child’s imagination comes to play defining the doll’s moods to be either happy, excited or grumpy, and much more.

These 22 inch dolls come in a variety of skin tones and hair colours to embody the world that the child sees around them. Just as imagination and creative thinking is important, so is inclusivity and diversity. This collection includes 2 dresses that are easy to wear, helping in developing the fine motor skills of your child.

Perfect to customise and as gifting options, these dolls are for the ages 3 and above.

Bubbly Bubbles

Every child requires companions to share their bubbling energy and joy with as they learn more about the environment around them. To keep up with the changing needs of the child, Bubbles and Bubbly dolls have been created with well chosen materials and open features that enrich the child’s creativity and thinking. The dolls have a well formed body with limbs made from polyfil, thus making it easy to wash and care for. The clothes are easy to wear and remove, to help in the fine motor skill building of every child. The doll with pre stitched plated hair is good and manageable for the younger 3 years olds and the open for 4+ kids . We have both options avaiable.