Meet our Infant doll sets – Konica and Happie – who make an ideal companion for every newborn child! This mindfully handcrafted doll collection suits the developmental and psychological needs of an infant up to the age of 1.5 years.

Konica Dolls

Just like newborns ~ cosmic and divine defines this collection. Konica dolls have a round, supple body with friendly features. They are ideal for newborn babies, infants and toddlers upto the age of 2 years, who are in the process of becoming aware of their surroundings. A great doll to cuddle and snuggle with or a great travel buddy. The knots at either ends of the robe are a healthy option for teething infants to chew on. These washable dolls are ideal to drool on too. They are safe, cuddly and comfortable to sleep with.

Happie Dolls

Dressed in onesie and an attached hoodie, Happie, as the name suggests, is filled with glee. Just like a child who is always ready to receive what his environment has to offer, Happie dolls, have outstretched arms and legs. Ready to meet the world !!

They are perfect for cuddling every new born infant and toddler up to the age of 2. These are aesthetically appealing and great sensory dolls for them, either in a cot or a pram.