Creating healthy living spaces at home

“The physical environment must be understood in the widest sense imaginable. It includes not just what happens around the children in the material sense, but everything that occurs in their environment, everything that can be perceived by their senses, that can work on the inner powers of the children from the surrounding physical space.” Rudolf […]

The Importance of Dolls in a Child’s Life

‘If something takes place in the child’s environment…, the whole child will have an internalized picture of [it]… The results of [such an] implanted tendency in the early years will then remain throughout the rest of the child’s life…” Rudolf Steiner in a lecture given in Torquay in 1924, shortly before his death. The child’s […]

The Importance of Play and How it Aids Child Development

“Play Is the Highest Form of Research.” Neville V. Scarfe How did you spend your time as a child? In play, of course! Do you remember running around in your compound/neighbourhood or garden chasing your friends, climbing a tree, playing all sorts of games depending on your group’s interest on that day? What feelings do […]