Do you reminisce the time when your grandmother or mother stitched up a dress or made special food when you were unwell? Such moments are forever etched in our memories because it was labour of love, of warmth, something handmade specially for you and that felt special, exciting and thrilling!

Times have changed now, we find it easier to visit a store and purchase a gift, but what if we can bring back those memories for our children too, what if we can create with our hands things they can treasure for a long time. Action speaks louder than words and through our creation we can express the love we hold for our child.

Aatman brings to you an opportunity to craft a meaningful gift for your child, whether an infant, toddler or an older child – they are sure to cherish for a long time.

Our DIY Kit

– Easy for adults to craft with easy-to-follow instructions, value for money, handmade do-it-yourself kit
– Beautiful gifting option
– Washable dolls that ensures durability