Comb Noorie’s hair or pretend play with Noor
Find a chair for Besty or take Buddy to a classroom,
Dress up Bubbles and Bubbly, super comforting it is,
Rimzhim and Dhun aren’t far behind, what a wonderful play this is.

Teacher, father, mother or sister,
They can play multiple roles, as you please,
The dolls come alive when you hold them close,
Like holding a child, you love the most.

Bring them home, show them your love and care,
A child’s play is enriched, we swear!

When you hold a doll, it exudes warmth. Specially handcrafted with sheep wool, our traditional Waldorf dolls are special as the doll feels alive when you hold them. They are heavier than poly filled dolls, which ensures good shape for a long time.

This not only comforts the child, but opens up a whole new world for the child as the little one engages in role play to make sense or repeat the events that happen in their day.