Meet Knitty Knotty, Chirpy Chubby, Cuddles – our Toddler Dolls

Soft, squishy, tender and easy to hold,
Knitty Knotty, Chirpy Chubby and Cuddles are the ideal companions for your 2 to 3-year-old.
Cuddle, snuggle, hold or carry them along,
A home sweet home is where these dolls belong.
Spreading love, joy and warmth among one and all,
The terrible twos won’t be terrible after all.

As our little toddlers become more aware of their limbs – hands and legs – our dolls (Knitty Knotty, Chirpy Chubby and Cuddles) are crafted in a way that will support the changing needs of this age.

The toddlers are introduced to a whole new world and these dolls make the perfect companion with their rounded, soft body and slightly defined limbs.