Handcrafted Long Haired Waldorf Girl Doll with 3 Sets of Clothes for sale online


A doll set with all that every child’s play would want! This collection is one of the most comprehensive gifting packages. The 12 inch traditional Waldorf sheep wool doll comes with 3 sets of easy to wear clothes. Her double layered hakoba laced dark blue dress has buttons with a delicate embroidery on them, which appeals to the sense of every child in a subtle way. The sky blue cotton dress and the pink night suit, white shoes and the red felt bag make for some fun dress up options. The matching red clips and the polka dotted tie up hairband to style the long flowing crimped black hair is another detail that has been added to help children indulge in their imaginative play. This doll set comes along with a small ivory pocket doll and the bedding set includes a mattress, dohar and pillow.

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